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The Domus Invest team is dedicated and diligent. We share a clear understanding of both the market and the individual needs of today's investor. We work closely with our clients to provide a focused and responsive service to ensure you get maximum returns with minimum risk.

  • Why Invest in Spanish Property in 2021?

    Despite the challenges the Spanish real estate market is currently experiencing, the Costa del Sol still remains an attractive destination for residential tourists and property investors. The spectacular climate and intrinsically relaxed lifestyle will not change. Nor will the demand once current restrictions are lifted and people can travel without fear of infection.

    Based on recent purchase trends our predictions for 2021 are:

    • Interest in luxury properties will increase.
    • Stock market investors will tend to move to property investment as the safest asset, improving their lifestyle at the same time.
    • Buyers and sellers will aim to close transactions quickly.
    • As international quarantines may be reinstated in the coming months, buyers want to move into their new homes quickly to enjoy the winter months in the sunshine.
    • Low cost holiday homes purchases will be replaced by second residence purchases.
    • Travel restrictions will have a minimal effect for property owners who spend the winter months on the Costa del Sol. The demand for second residences is overtaking the demand for a pure holiday home.
    • Low interest rates will boost sales.
    • Spanish Banks are in good financial health and offer attractive mortgage options. Some investors may choose a more diverse investment portfolio, rather than reallocating assets, and use mortgages to leverage their purchase.
    • Limited supply of modern, high quality homes.
    • The Tinsa Coastal Property Report 2020 found, that more than 80% of the Spanish coastal areas had no, or very low, supply in newly built properties.

    What About The Property Prices?

    Although the pandemic has caused a drop in the number of property transactions, there are no indications for prices to fall in 2021. To the contrary, Tinsa, the main Spanish property valuation company predicts an increase of 3% in 2021.

    With the continued demand for new modern properties, developers and agencies do not expect any downward price trend in this segment.

    A coastal property in a good location will always be a safe investment, not only financially, but also for the Mediterranean lifestyle that is the dream of many.

  • What can Domus Invest do for Investors?

    Domus Invest is a property consultancy company that values each client and pays attention to every detail. With over 1.5 billion euros in completed developments, whether you are looking to buy, sell or build, Domus Invest is your preferred partner for the acquisition, development and commercialisation of your project. With extensive experience in all aspects of the property market the Domus Team can ensure you achieve your aspirations with any transaction: a single use property, multiple properties, investment projects or a commercial interest. Led by industry leaders and tenured experts, Domus Invest has exclusive partnerships that bring you prime opportunities in acquisition and distribution on the Costa del Sol. Our strategies create progressive outcomes and deliver positive returns. We value each circumstance with fundamental investment principles and realistic expectations regarding price appreciation and exit valuations.

    Our disciplined evaluations focus on a value oriented approach. Though we may use more time sourcing the best transactional opportunity, you realise your returns quicker. We only seek uniquely positioned relationships that have, or add, an intrinsic value and meet or exceed each client's needs. Risk analysis and management is supported by quality business intelligence, detailed investigation and unrivalled market experience. Domus Invest also emphasises niche marketing strategies in most European markets that are differentiated from broad spectrum conventional strategies in single language markets. This ensures a superior outcome to all parties involved in any property transaction with Domus Invest.

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