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Guide to your Spanish Golden Visa - Enjoy Spain and the rest of Europe!

Any non-EU citizen purchasing a property for at least €500,000 (excluding mortgages and loans) can apply for a Golden Visa, which will allow free movement in and out of Spain as well as the 26 countries of the European Schengen Zone.

Our portfolio of Golden Visa properties includes some fantastic investment opportunities and various types of properties. You can also choose to purchase more than one property, as long as the total amount invested is at least €500,000 per applicant.

Domus Venari will introduce you to one of the International Law Firms recommended on our panel of lawyers. During the complimentary first meeting, the lawyers will explain all details of the property purchase and process to obtain your Golden Visa. Once you have chosen your property, your lawyer will undertake all necessary legal work in relation to your property purchase as well as the efficient processing of your Golden Visa application.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Do I qualify for a Golden Visa?

    Any non-EU citizen who makes an investment in Spain qualifies for the Golden Visa. Your investment can consist of:

    • One or more properties to the minimum value of 500,000 euros.
    • Investing a minimum of two million Euros in Spanish government Bonds.
    • Investing a minimum of one million Euros in stocks or shares of Spanish companies, or bank deposits in Spanish banks or ...
    • Creation of a Business venture in Spain that creates employment or economic development.
  • Can I buy more than one property?

    Yes, you can purchase more than one property as long as the minimum threshold is above 500,000 Euros. There are no restrictions as to the type of property; the regulation applies for purchases of residential, touristic, rural, commercial or industrial properties, including rural land, developed land, buildings under construction, or decrepit buildings.

  • Can I obtain finance to purchase a property?

    Yes, as long as any loan of mortgage is over and above the initial 500,000 euros required investment.

  • Can I purchase in a company name?

    Yes, the property can be purchased by individuals or through a company. The company can be registered in a country other than Spain, providing this country is not considered a fiscal haven.

  • Can I sell my property?

    Yes, but if you sell your property during the first five years, you will lose the entitlement to your Golden Visa. However, you can sell your property and buy another one as long as your minimum property investment in Spain remains above the required €500,000 threshold.

  • Can I rent my property?

    Of course. The regulations do not include any restrictions on the use of your property. In fact, new long term rental regulations in Spain made this a very attractive option again.

  • How long can I stay in Spain?

    You may stay in Spain for as long or little as you wish. The regulation does not have any restrictions with regard to the amount of time you should spend in Spain, This also means, that you may decide to remain tax resident outside of Spain.

  • Does the Golden Visa include my family members?

    Yes, it does. The spouse and children under 18, (or older disabled children) may also apply for permits, either at the same time or after the principle applicant without having to make an investment themselves.

  • How long does the Visa last?

    After five years of continuous residence, investors can apply for permanent residence in Spain.

  • How long will it take to receive the Visa after I have purchased my property?

    According to the regulation, the Visa applications will be resolved within 10 working days. The maximum term of resolution for the application will be 20 days.

  • Can I use my Spanish Visa to travel through Europe?

    Yes. Once you have received your Residence Visa you will also be able travel freely throughout the Schengen zone, restricted only to a maximum stay of three months (90 days) per half-year from the date of first entry.

  • What do I do next?

    Find out more on the Golden Visa opportunity and how to benefit best from your property investment in Spain:

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