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Amazing deals on properties for sale here on the Costa del Sol with up to and over 50% off on selected properties! Cheap properties from only 100,000€ plus thousands more bargains available, here is just a small selection of properties along the coast for 100,000€ and above. If you can not find your dream property on this page, take a look at our full property search. Simply enter your desired location, number of bedrooms and your budget to find your perfect Spanish home.

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Cheap Property in Spain on the Costa del Sol

The Myth of Cheap Spanish Property?

Are there really "cheap properties in Spain"? It all depends on what you would actually class as "cheap”. When that word (cheap) is mentioned many think of poor quality homes and/or properties for sale in undesirable locations, why else would a property be classed as cheap?

The above is very true, especially in smaller villages further inland from the coast that are not as accessible, locations where the infrastructure is not of a high standard, and to a certain extent places such as the Costa Blanca, Costa Almería and some parts of Murcia where property prices have remained low due to supply simply outweighing demand. Just as you would expect to have to pay more for a property in sought after location or with better community facilities, Spain is no different - the Costa del Sol has a lot more to offer, the infrastructure is by far the best after the likes of Madrid and Barcelona.

But you CAN still find cheap properties on the Costa del Sol - if a persons circumstances require them to sell quickly, for example: risk of repossession by the bank or personal reasons such as family, work or health, these unfortunate situations whilst are one persons loss become another's gain. There are still a number of bank owned properties available though not in the numbers experienced during the height of the financial crisis in Spain.

So yes, there are opportunities to purchase into the Spanish property market at a discounted price.

However, the main point that needs to be put across is … on the whole Spanish properties are 45% lower than before the crash. Yes, you read that correctly forty five per cent cheaper than in 2007 or 2008 when the Spanish Real Estate industry took a massive battering during the credit crunch. Prices have now bottomed out and locations such as Marbella are already seeing a slight increase in value, if you are serious about buying a property in Spain then now is definitely the time. Because prices will not be cheaper than they are today, especially on the Costa del Sol.

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