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What our clients love about Domus Venari

Professionalism and business acumen aside, the one glaringly obvious factor that is abundantly evident in our customer testimonial section is that our representatives provide a personalised service to any client that they are helping find a property on the Costa del Sol. Domus Venari strives to employ representatives not only for their knowledge of available properties and attention to detail, but also for their friendly personality. Our handpicked international team of interestingly dynamic personnel creates a friendly professionalism that permeates throughout our company and onto our clientele, and has proved to be a winning formula for us. Our team not only have lived on the Costa del Sol for many years, but are also embedded into the culture of the region. We believe it is not enough finding you the perfect property, but also the perfect area that suits the lifestyle you wish to have.

Upon initial contact with us you will realise that our attention to detail is unsurpassed. Depending on your criteria, we will provide you with relevant information pertaining to the Costa del Sol and properties within areas that will realistically meet your expectations and budget requirements. It is not our aim to have you come over here on the off-chance that you will buy something, but rather that we will organise only appointments for properties that you will specifically be interested in. Trawling around numerous properties that are of no interest to you would be a waste of your, and our, time and expenses.

Our agents not only have extensive product knowledge, but also knowledge of areas along the Costa del Sol that is key to finding you the perfect area providing you with the choice of lifestyle you are aiming for whether your priorities be, beaches, restaurants, places of interest, shopping, relaxation, infrastructure, accessibility etc. To find and get the very best from your new home, holiday apartment, or investment property we will spend at least 2 full days exclusively with our clients ensuring a relaxed and enjoyable buying experience to suit both their needs/wants and budget.

Should we find you the perfect property, our experience and expertise on the Costa del Sol shall result in a very fast and efficient purchasing and occupancy process. With our wealth of knowledge we have at our disposal a number of lawyers, tax advisors, construction companies, architects, furnishers, interior designers and decorators, handymen, gardeners etc. to assist you in not only completing your purchase swiftly and getting moved into your new property with the least amount of hassle, but also to have any future incidentals easily obtainable should you want or need.

Domus Venari is a one-stop shop to realising your dream of purchasing property on the sunny Costa del Sol. Join the many Domus Venari happy home-owners by contacting us.


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