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Spain ranks within Top 5 countries for expats according to HSBC Survey

Spain ranked among the top five countries for expats, according to results published by the most recent HSBC Expat Explorer Survey.

Using feedback from 18,059 individuals who live and work outside of their home country and are over the age of 18, participants answered 27 online questions between February and March of this year. Questions were divided within 3 categories covering living standards, professional and financial goals, and opportunities for children.

According to these indicators, Spain ranked within the top five destinations for expats due in large part to; personal safety, the weather, and quality of life.

With regards to personal safety, 61% of respondents reported feeling more protected in Spain than in their home country. Good weather was a major determining factor for 39% of respondents, as well as the record-breaking 13 million tourists expected to holiday on the Costa del Sol this year, while 56% of participants underscored quality of life as their main reason for choosing to relocate to Spain.

With its robust healthcare system, environmental factors such as access to clean water and sanitation and extended life expectancy, Bloomberg also recently ranked Spain as the healthiest country in the world.

Of the total participants, 83% said their overall wellbeing has improved since arriving, 62% of which decided to extend their stay, many of which will have decided to invest in a Spanish property, of which there are many lucrative investment opportunities within the market today.

Spain jumped from 13th place to 4th place this year in the HSBC Expat Explorer Survey, the best position it has received since the survey began 12 years ago. Switzerland, Singapore and Canada were reported in the top 3, with New Zealand following Spain in the top 5 category.

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