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Record-breaking 13 million tourists expected to choose the Costa del Sol in 2019

The Costa del Sol will for the firsttime in its history receive over 13 million visitors this year. Closing out itsbest winter yet, the expected increase of 4.1% to the year before paints a rosypicture for the coming high season, according to recent estimates by thepresident of the Tourism Board, Francisco Salado.

A record-breaking 7,327,200 travelersare expected to choose the Costa del Sol as their destination this summerbetween June and September. Up by 3.2% compared to the same period last year,the figure consists of a large number of national tourists, as well as asignificant figure from foreign countries, including the United Kingdom whichis a welcome surprise considering the continued uncertainty surrounding Brexit.To the contrary, British tourism is expected to rise, making up 30% of hoteloccupancy in the region over the coming months.

In reviewing the numbers and trends,Salado is confident that 2019 will not only see record-breaking tourism withapproximately 13 million visitors, but also an increase in spend - whichtotalled 14,800 million euros in 2018. The expected rise in consumer spendingis backed by recent marketing efforts on behalf of the tourism board thiswinter to target visitors with an above average spending capacity and a greatersensibility to the many natural andcultural offerings of the region. According to Salado, the digital marketing campaignslaunched aims to increase the total volume of tourism spend, rather than simplythe volume of visitors.

The Costa del Sol received 2.8 millionpassengers via Malaga airport between November 2018 and March 2019, representinga 7.8% rise compared to the same period last year. Travellers arriving by AVE trainshave also increased - as well as the number of registered visitors rentingaccommodation during their stay. A total of 1,947,000 travellers chose to stayin hotels, tourist apartments, camp sites and rural housing between Novemberand March, a 2.6% rise to the same period last year.

Reviewing airport arrivals, Saladohighlighted three countries that registered an above average number of arrivalsduring the regions low season; Finnish tourists increased by 34.8%, Swedish by17.3% and Germans by 13.4%, all of which are tourists with a higher thanaverage spending capacity and who make up a large portion of investors in Spanish property.


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