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New flight routes to and from Malaga airport announced

The Costa del Sol is known for its unique eco-climate of up to 300 days of sunshine per year that attracts a consistent flow of tourists year round. With improving economic stability, an ever-increasing demand for Spanish property, and property price rises that are higher than the average across the Eurozone, the tourism industry in the southern region of Spain is thriving more than ever before.

Over 25 million overnight stays were recorded between June and September of this year, and a number of airlines are stepping up to meet the increase in demand, announcing additional routes to and from Malaga commencing in 2018. Here is a list of the latest new routes to and from Malaga:

  • Aegean Airlines - Malaga to Athens (June 2018 – Sept 2018)
  • Eurowings - Malaga to Munich (January 2018)
  • Air Malta - Malaga to Malta (March 2018)
  • Primera Air - Malaga to Birmingham (May 2018)
  • Primera Air - Malaga to Stansted (April 2018)
  • Primera Air - Malaga to Riga (May 2018)
  • Primera Air - Malaga to Billund (Dec 2017)
  • Primera Air - Malaga to Alborg (April 2018)
  • Primera Air - Malaga to Copenhagen (Nov 2017)
  • Primera Air - Malaga to Reykjavik (June 2018)
  • Primera Air - Malaga to Stockholm (April 2018)
  • Ryanair - Malaga to Amsterdam
  • Ryanair - Malaga to Bremen
  • Ryanair - Malaga to Dortmund
  • Ryanair - Malaga to Frankfurt
  • Ryanair - Malaga to Prague
  • Ryanair - Malaga to Santander
  • Ryanair - Malaga to Wroclaw
  • SAS - Malaga to Helsinki
  • British Airways - Bristol to Malaga
  • British Airways - Birmingham to Malaga
  • British Airways - Manchester to Malaga
  • Jet 2 - London Stansted to Malaga


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