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Malaga showcases a new exhibition of works by British street artist, Banksy

A highly anticipated exhibition of works by the infamous British artist Banksy will be presented at The Térmica arts centre in Malaga. Titled 'The Art of Protest' the artists first ever exhibition in the region presents more than 40 works and will run until September 29th.

Showcasing the artists most iconic works such as the portraits of Kate Moss in the style of Warhol's Marilyn, the artist's hallmark bulldog, and a serigraph of the series 'Girl with Balloon', the showcase aims to show how the artist, who has remained anonymous throughout his career, has progressed from enigmatic urban artist to among the most exciting and contemporary artists of the last 20 years.

'The Art of Protest' includes a series of sculptures, installations, videos and photos, all of which are on loan from international private collections and are being shown in Spain for the first time.

"Banksy is probably the best-known contemporary artist in the world", said Alexander Nachkebiya, the exhibition curator. "He is a cultural phenomenon, and his work is very attractive to all types of people. We hope this exhibition will be as well received as others that have taken place in other countries" he says.


Banksy. The Art of Protest.
Dates: 24 May - 29 September 2019
Location: La Térmica. Avenida de los Guindos, 48. Malaga
Opening hours: Tuesdays - Sundays, 11am - 10pm
Tickets: General entry: 9€ (plus processing fees); Children under 12: 5€, discounted price (over-65s, students and disabled visitors), 6€

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