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Lady Moura one of the world’s most luxurious mega-yachts anchors in Málaga Port

The 'Lady Moura' will anchor in Málaga's Muelle del Palmeral for the next few days for technical reasons and provisions.

Málaga port is becoming an increasingly habitual stop for mega-yachts navigating between the Mediterranean and the Caribbean. So much so that the local Port Authority has already commenced plans to construct a specific dock designed to enable luxurious mega-yachts of this kind to anchor between Muelle Uno and part of Muelle Dos.

'Lady Moura' is the latest of a string of mega-yachts to make an appearance, and is expected to remain docked for the next few days. The yacht is owned by Saudi magnate Nasser Al Rasheed, owner of Rasheed Engineering, the principal advisor to the Saudi royal family. At 105m in length and 20m in width, 'Lady Moura' is not the largest in the world but is certainly considered among the most luxurious, due to its profusion of details that includes its name inscribed in pure gold.

Designed by Italian architect Luigi Sturchio and constructed in the prestigious german shipyards Blohm+Voss in 1990, the mega-yacht has undergone two full renovations over the years. It offers a range of amenities and services including a spa, casino, party hall, various salons, theatre, helicopter pad and various recreational smaller boats. It can sleep up to 30 passengers, and accommodate up to 61 passengers on board at any one time. ‘Lady Moura’ is permanently anchored in Mallorca along with many other mega-yachts of this kind.

Málaga has transformed itself in recent years into an incredibly popular tourist destination with a vastly changing infrastructure. Savvy property investors seeking to invest in Spanish property are taking note by seeking out property in Malaga which continues to see an uptick in demand.

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