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6 Reasons to Live in Southern Spain

The Climate

The south of Spain is famous for its year-round mild to hot weather. Covering more than 300km of coastline, the Costa del Sol enjoys a typical Mediterranean climate with over 325 days of sunshine per year and average temperatures that rarely drop below double figures - even in the middle of winter. Warmth and sunlight brings natural endorphins to your body and is scientifically proven to offer real benefits to your health. A daily dosage of Vitamin D and regular sun light exposure has been linked to reduced levels of cancer, higher energy levels and stronger, healthier bones.

Healthy Living

Exercise and daily physical activity is the norm in regions with warm weather year-round. Among the many benefits associated to regular exercise, daily activity outdoors boosts energy and mood levels, promotes better sleep and can even be a powerful tool against diseases.

The south of Spain offers a huge variety of opportunities to stay active, and the ever present sunshine also naturally helps to increase energy levels. From mountainous terrains with hiking, biking and cycling paths, to 300km of beaches, for morning and evening strolls, beach yoga or a variety of water-sport options during the summer. Check out our Area Guide section for details on how the region and terrain differs and to learn more about what each area has to offer.

The Spanish

Natives of Spain are known for their generosity, friendliness and hospitality. They treasure their culture and traditions and have great respect for the institution of family, children and the elderly. The Spanish appreciate the small things in life and are experts at living in the moment, by enjoying simple pleasures like their morning coffee or a long lunch with friends. Andalusians are specifically known for their relaxed way of life and openness. Their thirst for life is infectious - and apparent in every street corner and in the many local holidays and festivals they have each year.

Culture & History

Spain is one of the most treasured cultural centres in Europe with a rich heritage spanning from prehistory to Romans, Phoenicians, Moors and medieval kingdoms. Spain is known world-wide for its Flamenco music and dance, elaborate religious processions and unique architectural monuments. Remnants of Spain's long colourful history can be found all along the southern Spanish coast in the form of archeological remains such as rock paintings, Roman ruins, cathedrals and castles. Many of which can be visited during a short Day Trip from the Costa del Sol.

Among some of Spain's most famous artists are Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dalí and Joan Miró, who belong to an endlessly colourful canon of artistic characters who have each played their part in influencing and shaping western art today. Malaga has particularly experienced a revival in recent years, boasting a vastly improved infrastructure, a thriving cultural and gastronomic scene and such a huge number of galleries, museums and arts institutions that it now rivals that of Madrid and Barcelona. In January, citing the city as a beautiful cultural capital, New York Times even voted Malaga as one of the world's top destinations to visit in 2016.

Food & Wine

The Mediterranean diet consists of scientifically proved healthy nutrients; oily fish packed with Omega 3, heart-healthy virgin olive oil and plenty of fresh fruit and homegrown vegetables. Spaniards, whatever their budget, adore food and the rituals that surround it. Fresh produce is bountiful in the south of Spain and cafes, tapas bars and restaurants alike will generally stock the best bakery products, fish and vegetables on offer, meaning a great meal can be found at every corner - whether at your local tapas bar, nearest beach chiringuito or roadside venta. Spain is also home to hundreds of wine-grape varieties that are expertly produced and served around the country such as the dry, sunbaked taste of Rioja or the boldly refreshing Galician Albariño.


The World Health Organisation ranks the Spanish healthcare system at #7 in the world. Whether down to the Mediterranean diet rich in olive oil, fish and fresh vegetables, the excellent healthcare or the sociable society, Spaniards have the highest life expectancy in Europe. Spanish healthcare is free of charge to anyone living and working in Spain and is ranked among the best in the world. Spanish healthcare guarantees universal coverage with no upfront expenditure from patients apart from a proportion of prescription charges. If you are thinking of buying a property in Spain, you can benefit from free Spanish healthcare in four simple steps.


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