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Domus Venari's 5 Step Buying Guide

Begin your journey towards finding your dream home in Spain well informed and you will be able to plan effectively and avoid the risks that could lose you time, energy and money. Take control of the home-buying process by following Domus Venari's 5 Step Buying Guide!

SET Your Budget

Your individual budget will determine the following steps you take on your house-hunting journey. It is the single most important factor in any major financial decision such as purchasing a home, and it will determine what you can expect within your budgeted parameters. Your agent will introduce you to qualified Financial Advisers, Mortgage Brokers or the best Spanish banks that offer financing in order to get your started. With a set budget and realistic expectations in place, you will ensure that you make your purchasing experience as smooth and stress-free as possible.


A good agent must speak your language and take into account your desires and needs at every stage of the home-buying process. Selecting a trusted agent and sticking to one can save you time and money during your viewing and buying process. Register with Domus Venari and you will have access to virtually every property on offer within the sunny Spanish coastal region and assistance from a local expert who can help you on every step of the way.

SAVOUR the Domus Experience

We will prepare your visit by selecting the best available properties currently on offer that fit your budget and requirements. The full Domus Experience includes not only to view but to FIND your perfect property during your visit. With a realistic budget and a detailed set of criteria, we will be able to do all of the legwork before you arrive! We recommend that you allow 3-4 days to be able to make the most of your trip to the Costa del Sol and we will make all of the arrangements for you in advanced.

SECURE the Deal

Have you found your ideal property? Take it off the market immediately!

By signing a reservation agreement, you ensure that the property is YOURS and cannot be sold to anyone else. The purchasing of property in Spain is a regulated process and it is highly recommended to use a good Spanish lawyer that speaks your language. The lawyer will ensure that the property fulfils all legal requirements, is free of any outstanding debt, and that your interests are protected at all times throughout the purchasing process until you sign the Title Deed.

START Enjoying Your New Home

The service we offer at Domus Venari does not end with the handing over of the keys!

Domus can recommend several multilingual lawyers with excellent reputations who will be able to advise you on all aspects of Spanish law concerning property ownership, Spanish Wills, residency and NIE identification applications. We can also assist with opening Spanish bank accounts, telephone and Internet installation, home insurance, furniture and interior design and any other property maintenance related enquiries.

Your satisfaction is the ultimate reward for our efforts!


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