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5 Reasons to Invest in New-Builds on the Costa del Sol

New homes on the Costa del Sol offer the latest designs, building processes, style and quality. With the right support, you can build and design a home that reflects your choices and has that never-lived-in-feel that more and more people prefer. A second-hand home is someone else's dream, not yours! Here are 5 top reasons why you should invest in a new-build on the Costa del Sol.

High Quality

Unlike properties built 15+ years ago, developers now focus on quality rather than quantity. New builds are often characterised by large open-plan living spaces and individually designed floor plans to suit the clients individual needs. They are energy efficient, saving you money in both heating and cooling season and will also be hassle free to rent out given the new laws requiring properties to fulfil strict health and safety requirements.

Design Your Dream Home Your Way

With such an array of choices when it comes to designing and building a home, investing in a brand new home on the Costa del Sol ensures that you can reflect your style, rather than someone else's. You can choose floor plans, room layouts and fixtures that meet your needs - flooring, tiling, lighting and other personal touches that will make your home yours.

Safe and Hassle-Free

New builds come with complete payment structures, offering you a safe, hassle-free breakdown of costs and fees from the very beginning. A second-hand home is likely to have tired features that may need renovating or soon replaced. A new home ensures that there is no risk of losing money later on down the line - a bank guarantee / insurance policy also covers the purchaser until completion.

Good Payment Plans

Investing in new developments offers the purchaser better payment terms - between a 6-10k reservation fee, deposit (secured with bank guarantee/insurance) and the remaining balance in 15-24 months. Developer's are also often able to receive financing with good terms and are covered under a developers guarantee for usually up to 10 years.

Our Clients

We have had the opportunity to work with a number of clients over the years who are very happy with their choice to purchase a new development on the Costa del Sol. Visit our testimonials page to read about their experiences!

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